Sunday, December 20, 2009

Terry Pratchett Challenge 2010

I love reading Terry Pratchett's books so imagine my delight when I found this challenge. It is hosted at Marg at Reading Adventures. Click on the picture or the link for the full set of guidelines.

The challenge will start from 1 December 2009 and run through to 30 November 2010.There are several different levels of participation for you to choose from:
1-3 books - Cashier at Ankh-Morpork Mint
4-5 books - Guard of the City Watch
6-8 books - Academic at the Unseen University
9-10 books - Member of Granny Weatherwax's Coven
10-12 books - Death's Apprentice

I am going to set my goal for this year at 6-8 books. If I read more, I figure I can up to the next step. My first book will be Unseen Academicals as my husband is getting the audio for me for Christmas.

1. Unseen Academicals by Terry Pratchett
2. Soul Music
3. Ladies and Gentlmen
4. Hogfather
5. The Truth

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